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Vegetation & Brushing Management

Maintaining a safe and reliable electric distribution system requires trees to be kept clear of the power lines. Vegetation management is one of the highest cost maintenance items in your REA, and is shared by all members. In order to control and in the long term reduce costs, a “Brushing and Vegetation Management” bylaw was passed at the Annual General meeting held in April of 2015.  (See below)

The bylaw outlines the responsibilities of members to allow Duffield REA the ability to maintain an unobstructed power line. Failure to comply with the bylaw will result in the member being billed for associated costs.

Brushing within the REA is an ongoing project. We have been working on a 3yr rotation and you can expect to see activity along REA power lines later this summer. The REA will be dispatching people to receive your consent and discuss the brushing activity, which affects your property. We are well aware that various sites may have conditions requiring alternative treatments, the REA is open to your concerns and will endeavour to work with you.

The Board of Directors asks for your co-operation in controlling the cost of maintaining your electric distribution system.





If a member/landowner of the Duffield REA Ltd. does not consent to the removal and spraying of vegetation on the right of ways, taps and mainlines, they will be deemed to have assumed responsibility including the costs of maintenance of vegetation to clearance standards set by the Duffield REA Ltd. Board of Directors.


If the member/landowner fails to maintain the vegetation clearances required by the Duffield REA Ltd. Board of Directors, the Duffield REA will exercise its right to remove and spray the vegetation at the cost to the member/landowner.  

If a member/landowner refuses the Duffield REA Ltd access to Duffield REA Ltd right of way, to exercise its right to bring vegetation to the required clearances, any cost of damage, as a result of unmaintained vegetation clearances, to the distribution system will be charged to the member/landowner.


Duffield REA Ltd liability is limited to work performed by Duffield REA Board of Directors approved persons or contractors.

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