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Power - Rates - New Service 

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Duffield REA's Current Energy Rate:

July 2023 - $0.22414 KwH*

Duffield REA administers their own Regulated Rate Option (RRO). Your Board has policies in place to ensure members receive responsible competitive pricing. 

Duffield REA Introduces Fixed Price Contracts for Members


The Provincial Government restricted what consumers could be charged for electricity for the months of January, February and March of 2023  to 13.5 cents.  Unfortunately the cost of acquiring electricity for our members was higher than the 13.5 cents.  Under direction of the government, the additional cost is now to be recovered from members who remain with the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) .  The recovery will be spread out over the next 21 months, starting with the April invoice and will have a significant increase on members' bills. 


To mitigate this additional cost to members, the Board of Directors is offering to members a fixed price contract.  To participate in the fixed price contract, starting April 1, 2023, the completed contract is to be returned to our administration office by the end of business day on April 30, 2023. 


Contract term is 12 months, April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Price per KWH is 12.5 cents.


The non contract price (RRO) for April 2023, is 15.42 cents per KWH and subject to change each month.


Further information and contracts can be obtained by contacting Duffield REA administration at Blue Mountain Power Co-op at 310-POWR (7697)

Understanding Your Bill

Regulated Rate Option (RRO)

Information available by calling1-888-845-4616.

Electric Energy (provided by Duffield REA Ltd.)

The cost of electric energy you have used in the billing period

Administration Charge

Retail Costs for billing and customer services (if applicable)


The cost of building, operating and maintaining the local distribution system


The cost of building, operating and maintaining the provincial power grid

Rate Rider(s)

A rider is a temporary credit or charge approved by the regulator

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The 5% calculation is based on the total costs identified in your bill

Additional Charges

  • Late charges of 2.0% per month (26.82% per year) will apply on amounts outstanding after the due date

  • An NSF Charge will be assessed on dishonored cheques

  • If an account is disconnected for non-payment, disconnect and reconnect charges will apply.


  • Actual – Meters are read by Fortis Alberta

  • Estimated – Based on historical consumption on account

New Service Hook Up

If you are looking for new service please provide the following information so we can get you a quote:


Land Title Owner


Phone #

Legal Land 

*If you are a current customer and are moving please call to move or cancel your account.*

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