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Tuesday April 24th 1951, members of the community have gathered at White Whale School to discuss the formation of a Rural Electrification Co-Operative for the Duffield, Rose Valley, Keephills, Woodland, Highvale, Carvel, Mewassin, Hansen’s Corner, Brightbank and Smithfield communities. Mr. Boulton, a representative of Calgary Power Ltd was giving a full outline of requirements, costs and details of forming a Rural Electrification Co-op. Mr. D Schaeffer moved that prospective members pay a $5.00 deposit as evidence of good faith. Roy Lent seconded it and the motion was carried. This was the beginning of the Duffield REA as it is know today. On Oct 5th 1951 the Duffield REA was incorporated, and 65 years later we are still going strong.

65 Years Strong

Nov 19th 2016 we held our 65th Anniversary celebration at Keephills Hall. We want to thank everyone that came out to help us celebrate this milestone.  

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