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Vegetation Management/Power Pole Replacement
Vegitation Management Duffield R.E.A

Scheduled Vegetation Management has almost concluded with just a couple sites remaining. Power Pole replacement will start in August. EQUS will be replacing the poles for the Duffield REA. 

Need a Power Hook Up?
Duffield R.E.A, Need a Power Hook Up?

Contact Us For Power If You:

  • Plan to build an acreage

  • Subdivide a parcel of land

  • Develop Residential Lots

  • Expand or Build a New Farm Service

Are You Prepared?

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - are you ready for 72 hours?

Is your family prepared for an emergency?  The following information is supplied as suggested preparedness planning for every household. Most people will already have these items in their home. Take the time to review the lists, make a plan, and ensure that all family members "know the drill." Being prepared is not a waste of time - you only have to use your plan once to recognize its value.